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Econocom Nexica: The Hybrid Cloud Experience

Visit our data centers or contact us and discover what The Hybrid Cloud Experience is:

Security, flexibility and proximity 24x7


Discover The Cloud Experience of Nexica Econocom and take advantage of the benefits of the cloud with Econocom Nexica. Hybrid cloud, public cloud, private cloud. Multicloud.

We have the latest technology, processes and expertise to ensure the availability and security of your business 24x7.

We adapt to you with complete flexibility: you only pay for what you consume. All this with customer proximity: you will deal with professionals on a daily basis who know your business.

We offer you security, flexibility and proximity because we want to be your trusted partner.

Danone, Habitaclia, Venca, Intermas Nets, Mitsubishi o Càritas Diocesana de Barcelona already know they can delegate to us.

In our data centers, cloud, o in yours, on premise, with managed services. Econocom Nexica.