Nexica closes 2016 with €10.3M and estimates entering €14M this year

Nexica ends its 2016 fiscal year with a turnover of 10.3 million euros, 10% more than in 2015. In addition to its focus on the private cloud, the technological company has achieved this growth thanks to the implementation of dedicated infrastructure solutions of hardware and on-premises security (customer's headquarters). 

As large accounts for 2016, it has to be highlighted that Nexica has added CSUC (Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya) as a new client, a public entity that gathers most of the catalan universities, with an award amount of €1.34M and an estimated maximum value of the contract of €9.33M over four years, extendable up to six years.

In relation to launches, it has to be highlighted new services such as Cloud4HANA, which offers 100% computing and storage solutions certified for the production of SAP HANA environments in pay-per-use. It is an in-memory data platform under the SAP HANA technology guidelines for VMWare, to make data available quicklier. On the other hand, Nexica launches Hyb-Box, a new on-premises private cloud service for in-house data center, but with the ease of management and potential of the public cloud technology.


2017 forecast

In 2017, Nexica estimates revenues of €14M, reaching a 37% increase over the previous year's turnover. The goal is an organic growth through recurring revenues and geographical expansion: its implantation in Madrid, where Nexica opened an office last year, will help attracting new customers.

Nexica's CEO, Jordi Mas, highlights Nexica's alliance with a large number of leading manufacturers in their respective fields such as SAP, NetApp, Cisco, VMware, Zerto, Veeam or Microsoft, enabling the projects development in any corporate data center: "This positioning allows us to embrace any solution that a customer may need wherever it is required, whether public, private or hybrid cloud."

In order to remain pioneers in security, technology and customer experience, Nexica's CEO highlights the launch of "new initiatives or areas such as the Technology Skill Center (TSC), Security Operations Center (SOC) or Quality and Internal Systems (CSI)". 

In 2016, Nexica was recognized by Cisco as 'Cloud and Managed Services Partner of the Year' and was given the Cisco Partner Summit Spain 2015 award for the best Cloud and Managed Services of the country, as well as the Win Cloud MSB 2016 by another great leader of the sector, NetApp.