Nexica Files synchronizes your projects


Nexica Files is a file synchronization service designed for business, rapid deployment and easy use. It is designed to ensure continuous service availability and quick access to information, having 24x7 Nexica support at your full disposal.

With Nexica Files, the IT department can control assigned capacity, change passwords and cancel the service whenever desired. All through a single admin panel and always according to the needs of your company.


With Nexica Files you will have all your documents synchronized between the various devices you use. From the admin panel, you'll be able to register and manage as many users as you require without limitation, setting the disk volume that each of them really needs initially and expanding it later.

In addition, you'll be able to control assigned capacity, change passwords and cancel the service whenever desired. You can also use the panel to configure the settings of the service according to the needs of your company.

Admin Panel

  • Create, modify or cancel users
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Manage capacity: assign space to each user and expand that volume if necessary*
  • Modify or reset passwords
  • * Collaborative storage solution based on OwnCloud

Key features of the service

  • Version control: You can control and restore previous versions of any file that has been modified and even recover previously deleted files.
  • Security: Access to our platform is SSL encrypted, rendering useless any attempt to intercept data transfers.
  • Close personal attention: We believe in customer proximity and a direct approach to customer relations. We preoccupy ourselves with the quality of service provided and, therefore, your company will be the focus of our full attention.

Access your data

If you're using a mobile device, a desktop PC or a web browser, Nexica Files gives you the ability to access files at the right time and on any device in an easy, secure, private and controlled manner. Your data under your control..

Synchronize your data

With Nexica Files you can share one or more folders on your PC and synchronize them with the server. By placing files in local shared directories, they are synchronized immediately in both the server and other devices through the desktop client.

Share your data

Send a link to access any documents you want to share with others. You will always have control over the files you share and can set an expiry date or even assign an access password.


High-speed file synchronization