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Cloud Storage

Econocom Nexica cloud storage is the ideal storage solution for Nexica cloud services. You can choose three levels of performance: SSD, for applications with high storage requirements and high read and write rates, SAS, or optimal performance for most applications and SATA, for large storage volumes at lower cost. The whole Cloud Storage solution is implemented using redundant 10GbE links.

You can choose the cloud storage delivery method that best suits your needs. Filesystem storage, both NFS and CIFS, or iSCSI block storage.

In addition to cloud storage services, Econocom Nexica offers advanced NetApp storage functionality such as asynchronous SnapMirror (7-mode or Cluster Mode), SnapVault and Snapshots, or an SVM manageable by you from a CLI.




Dedicated storage

Some critical services need very demanding performance storage solutions, such as databases with high write rates, online transaction processes and platforms with high consumption of multimedia content (audio, video, etc.).

Furthermore, given the rapid growth rates in storage consumption, solutions are needed which provide flexibility, scalability and performance which is not penalized by latency.

In addition to these features, dedicated storage will bring you efficiency advantages. Duplication and creating snapshots are two of them. Nexica NetApp dedicated cabinets provide you with such functionality in block format (iSCSI) and file format (NFS and CIFS).

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