CDN: Content Delivery Network


CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system of servers containing copies of data located at various points in a network in order to maximize bandwidth. Therefore, data is accessed from different geographical points through the network.

Customers access a copy of the data closest to their location instead of them all accessing the Econocom Nexica central server. Thus, collapse and bottlenecks in accessing information is avoided.



Central de quejas Nexica

Reduced server load

Red de tráfico

Distributed network traffic

incremento de ancho de banda

Increased bandwidth

Web caching nexica

Improved web caching

Tiempo respuesta de Nexica

Decreased response time delivering information to the user

Disminución de costes con Nexica

Reduced costs associated with the delivery of content

organización nexica

Reduced packet loss and delay because they work with nodes close to the user

Estadísticas de Nexica

Allows for obtaining statistics of user behaviour based on logging pages viewed and geographic location, among others

Great content delivery network

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