Nexica Cloud on demand


If your website receives a large number of hits at particular times, such as short-term offers and promotions, ticket sales, campaigns, e-mailings, TV ads, etc., you need Nexica Cloud on demand, of Econocom Nexica. It is also ideal if you need to perform intensive calculations at certain times.

In short, Nexica Cloud on demand is the most flexible cloud: enable and disable resources from the Nexica Cloud Manager control panel and control billing per second.

And remember, you only pay for resources consumed.

Benefits of Nexica Cloud on demand


Pay-as-you-go cloud service, ideal for hybrid environments (production, preproduction and development) and varying workloads. No contract limits or commitment periods.


lets you set criteria for automatic elasticity by deploying, without manual intervention, front-end servers in case of high traffic to a front end. Forget about the saturation of your CPU (central processing unit).


24x7 support: Your infrastructure is always in optimum condition, managed by expert staff at all times.

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FlexPod Express

Cloud on demand Technology

  • FlexPod® architecture (NetApp, Cisco and VMWare)
  • Cisco UCS, VMWare vSphere y NetApp FAS
  • CPU frequency of 1.5 Ghz or 3.0 Ghz


With Nexica Cloud on demand, you can absorb traffic spikes with total elasticity and pay only for the space you use at any given time