Nexica Cloud Hosting


Nexica Cloud Hosting - of Econocom Nexica - is the most versatile Nexica Cloud solution: we offer a virtual server in the cloud with the computing and storage resources necessary to best suit your business needs.

You can opt for a model managed by our team or self-managed by your own IT department.

You need our hosting service for production environments of web applications, business-critical applications, CRM, ERP, databases and even to implement Disaster Recovery solutions for your local infrastructure.

We will define the sizing of your servers in the Nexica cloud and management method with you. Ask now for more information about Nexica Cloud:


Flexible management methods



  • Managed model: Take out Nexica Cloud Hosting -- Econocom Nexica -- with a management package included. You will have all the expertise of our team of engineers and support technicians. Delegate the management, monitoring and compliance of the infrastructure and operating system of your virtual machines to our experts: you will be assured of a high level of service. If you need to keep the management layer in the virtual environment, you have tertiary technical assistance at your disposal as an additional service.
  • Self-managed model: If you prefer, you can opt for a model without added management but with technical assistance whenever you need it. You can always rely on our support team 24x7. And we help you in configuring your Nexica Cloud Hosting so you can upload to the cloud with ease. Your data will be safe in our data centre and in accordance at all times with the requirements of the European Union.


Benefits of Nexica Cloud Hosting

Move pleasantly to the cloud

We have cloud migration services for a seamless transition with minimal impact on your business activity.

Move to a fixed monthly fee

Take advantage of our fixed monthly fee and forget about the costs of acquisition and maintenance of hardware and licensing.

Liberalize resources

Reduce your management costs and liberalize internal IT resources. You can devote time, equipment and money to other tasks that bring more value to your IT department.

Contact us and we will help you:


Nexica Cloud Hosting Technology

Virtual machines are supplied in various combinations of virtual components depending on the technical requirements: vCPU frequency between 1.5Ghz and 3.0Ghz, number of vCPUs, amount of RAM and storage tiers with different IOPS.

  • FlexPod® architecture (NetApp, Cisco y VMWare)

  • Cisco UCS

  • VMWare vSphere

  • NetApp FAS

  • CPU frequency of 1.5 Ghz or 3.0 Ghz



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For web servers, business-critical applications, databases, disaster recovery solutions, etc.