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Cloud. What a muddle. I need a strategic alliance on that point.

Why should I consider Nexica?

Why become a Nexica partner? Because we invest in you. Because, not only do we believe in what you do, but we help you do it. We give you the advantages and tools to make the transition to the cloud very simple.

Yes, but my customers are very particular.

We know that every company is different. And we adapt to you. That is why we want to give you all the support you require to know the needs of your customers and design the best solution for each case. We will make our experience yours.

Soluciones nexica

What can you offer me?

Public/hybrid/private cloud solutions with leading manufacturers

Management services that complement yours. Don't live by the cloud alone

Custom project design, no matter the size

Proximity, closeness and more proximity, so that you feel accompanied at all times

Favourable payment terms, of course

Specific training, so you master it

Demo environments at 0 cost, so you show what is really good

Marketing funds, because doing events is cool and... they work!

partners nexica

OK, OK. What other partners do you work with?

Above all, we like to be transparent. Moreover, we are proud to be able to show some of the alliances we have forged:



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“Take the chance of finding out about our indulgent partner rogram: contact us to grow your business and retain your customers”

  All right! I get it!

I want to become a Nexica partner.

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