Nexica Exchange & Nexica Mail


Nexica Exchange, hosted in the Nexica cloud, includes all Microsoft Exchange services but frees you from their administration and has our 24x7 technical support. Mail access with most POP or IMAP email clients via ActiveSync and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

From the Nexica Cloud Manager central panel, you can manage your users, add or cancel accounts, allocate the amount of storage for each account and manage your anti-virus and anti-spam protection.

For its part, Nexica Mail is a professional POP email service, based on an open source solution in the Nexica cloud. The Nexica Mail management interface allows you to manage the domain yourself.

You can access mail via POP, IMAP and Webmail. Your mail will be protected using AV and AS filtering by default. Webmail incorporates important features: access to the address book, calendar and shared tasks and drag-and-drop functionality. Easy to use and manage.



Most used collaboration platform

With Exchange, take advantage of its most effective features

Pay per use

With no need for investment or management, pay only on a per-user basis for the users you need with Nexica Exchange and Nexica Mail.

Self-management via the administration portal

With Nexica Cloud Manager you can control your mail from your office in a flexible and easy manner.


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  • Solutions based on clusters of high-availability servers: antivirus, antispam, receiving mail, sending mail, mailbox servers (SAN), webmail, etc. 
  • Overall transfer volume of more than 600 GB/month. 
  • Antispam management with control of whitelists, blacklists and according to domain content.
  • Receiving capacity of over 300,000 emails/day.
  • Very high capacity mailbox overall storage space.
  • Competitive price.



E-mail, calendar and unified messaging wherever you are