Complaint Handling


Any customer dissatisfaction concerning any aspect of the services provided by Nexica (Billing and Collection, Maintenance and Operation, Supply, Customer Service, etc.), expressed via any of the channels enabled for such purpose and in accordance with the following guidelines, shall be construed as a service complaint and will be dealt with by the Nexica Customer Office.

Who is the Customer Office intended for?

All customers (individuals or corporations) who have engaged any services provided by Nexica, directly or through their representative bodies.


What requirements must complaints meet in order to be dealt with by the Customer Office?

•The customer has not submitted a complaint to any arbitration board, court or government department or any of its competent bodies.
•A period exceeding one year has not elapsed from the issue arising or two months in the case of a claim for compensation for breach of agreed service levels.
•The complaint must be submitted in writing and signed.


What information should it contain?

Complaints must include at least the following information:


•Name of organization
•Signatory and position
•Contact person
•Date of complaint
•Name of affected service
•Service period over which the complaint applies
•Brief description of the reasons for the complaint
•Associated Incident Ticket No. (where applicable)
•Attached information or details justifying the complaint

How to submit your complaint?

Customers may make their complaints directly to the Customer Office in writing to Att. CUSTOMER OFFICE:

•e-mail a
•By post: Econocom Nexica, S.L.U., c/ Acer, 30, 1r 4a, 08038 Barcelona

Customers may also submit their complaints through their assigned business managers, in writing addressed to them, so they can be processed internally.

Should the customer not receive a response or is not satisfied with it, the customer can activate any of the escalation mechanisms described herein. In such an event, the Customer Office will provide a complaint number.


How will Nexica handle your complaint?

All complaints will be checked and answered in writing within 30 days of receipt and the customer will be informed of the handling process in that period.

The customer will be informed of the decision to accept or reject the compliant, whichever the case, stating the reasons for it.