Located in the Baix Llobregat district of Catalonia, it forms part of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.
The municipality has an area of 16 km and a total of 24,526 inhabitants

The Challenge

Link up seven municipal buildings and provide them with greater bandwidth than previously available.
Centralize the computer system and manage the backups.
Unify carrier-grade voice and data communications.
Provide service to area businesses requiring greater connectivity with symmetrical services.
Provide Internet services in mountain areas not having ADSL.

The Solution

Econocom Nexica, partner de Alvarion, seleccionó las soluciones BreezeACCESS VL y BreezeNETB, soluciones inalámbricas OFDM en banda libre con calidad de operador CarrierCLASS sin necesidad de linea de vista con Calidad de Servicio.

El Resultado

Improvement in connection speeds of the various municipal buildings, as well as in the overall quality of life
of the municipality in providing broadband services to citizens and in the field of administrative procedures.

Connections to own network for WiMAX services requiring a high-availability network.

Fast connection for the council's 200 work stations

Reduction in time spent on computer management. Ease of Internet connection and wider choice of additional services with greater control and self-management of the network.

Improvement in managing and saving recurring expenses.

Providing broadband services in areas where there is no ADSL.

Voice, data and video WiMAX services

In July 2006, Molins de Rei council (Barcelona) took on an ambitious project to improve Internet access for all citizens and the implementation of a carrier-class wireless network for high-availability WiMAX services. To do so, the Town Hall set itself a target to interconnect seven municipal buildings with WiMAX broadband data and voice services as well as centralize the computer system and manage backups, all of which had a centralized connection to the Internet.

The plan was carried out, thanks to the carrier infrastructure available and traffic capacity available, in order to provide Internet access to mountain areas without ADSL and provide service to area businesses requiring greater connectivity with symmetrical services, since ADSL is not symmetrical or sufficient.

Solutions and infrastructures

The solutions provided were conducted under Econocom Nexica's experience, who opted for BreezeACCESS VL and BreezeNETB solutions, carrier-class unlicensed wireless solutions, since the alternatives assessed on fibre were not considered viable for reasons of cost and slow deployment. Therefore, a base station was immediately deployed with three sectors of 60 degrees located in the Pallejà communications tower.

In addition, the facilities were completed with four high-capacity and three medium-capacity subscriber units, according to the need for guaranteed traffic for each building.

Finally, the whole infrastructure was completed with the transport of all traffic with an Alvarion medium-capacity point-to-point link between the head offices, the Town Hall and the Federació Obrera building, which is currently used for IP telephony services.



Project benefits

The council has achieved a significant reduction in the time spent on computer management, as well as significantly improving the speed and efficiency of the more than 200 work stations of municipal employees and the Internet connection to users and companies in mountain areas. The Alvarion carrier-class wireless technology also enables it to have its own carrier-grade access network of WiMAX services with greater network control. In short, savings in the management of recurrent costs as well as benefiting local customers with quality services.

"The Town Hall of Molins de Rei was a pioneer in the search to control all areas of its network, including access. The Alvarion solution has proved to be the best solution available, given the geographical setting of the town, for the deployment of WiMAX services with guaranteed service", says Raymond Forado, Country Manager for Alvarion, who stresses that, "Econocom Nexica's experience and Alvarion's technology have allowed an innovator like Molins de Rei council to operate and benefit from its own network from day one of the facilities".


Ajuntament de Molins de Rei
Ayuntamiento Molins de Rei