Hermanas Hospitalarias guarantees the security of critical data

The institution works with Econocom Nexica and NetApp

Hermanas Hospitalarias (HHSCJ, Hermanas Hospitalarias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús), a non-profit Catholic healthcare institution with more than 135 years of history, has developed a technological project for the optimization and security of its data to improve assistance and care service for people with mental illness, intellectual disability and other illnesses. This project has been developed by Econocom Nexica, a hybrid cloud service provider with more than 25 years of IT experience that, in turn, relies on NetApp technology to provide solutions for internal projects and those of its clients.

The 21 social-health centers that articulate the activity of Hermanas Hospitalarias in Spain generate a large volume of critical information daily that must be protected with the highest levels of security, and at the same time, always be available and accessible to any professional in the center. “The security, accessibility and availability of the data that is part of the patient's clinical history is essential to be able to provide them with effective health care at any time,” says José Manuel Beltrán, CISO at HHSCJ.

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Hermanas Hospitalarias garantiza la seguridad de sus datos
Hermanas Hospitalarias