Putting it into context

Grupo Zeta required for their blogs (including the most innovative: +digital) a managed hosting solution to host the application platform of the publication (in Spanish and Catalan) and any other blogs it created. So they went for a virtual platform in order to have the advantages of a VMware infrastructure. Among other requirements, Grupo Zeta required a 24x7 support service with recovery times of less than four hours, which was accessible and understood the dynamics of their business. The application which Grupo Zeta needed to host runs on a Linux environment with a MySQL database.

After a detailed analysis of customer needs, Nexica opted for a set-up consisting of five virtual servers, three of which were for the public part and content management (front-end) and two were for storing the database (back-end), secured by two dedicated firewalls, one for incoming traffic and one between the front-end and the back-end. To manage incoming traffic, a load balancer was placed in front of the web servers that allows the workload to be distributed according to the availability of each server, thereby increasing stability, scalability and data transmission capacity.

Another characteristic is the need to keep the blog's two languages synchronized (Spanish and Catalan), the translation being done automatically by translation software created by the development team of El Periodico de Catalunya.

"We were looking for a data centre that was very dynamic and had a consolidated, reliable and flexible infrastructure with virtual servers, providing security and stability to the platform and, at the same time, allowing us to adjust costs so that projects could be maintained. After evaluating various options, we went for Nexica. After a few months of testing, we are very pleased with the results and the current situation", says Kiko Olivier, Director of Information Technology and Communications at Grupo Zeta.

Grupo Zeta in 2014

Over the 3-year relationship between Grupo Zeta and Nexica, the publisher has been gradually migrating its various publications to Nexica's facilities. Currently, Nexica provides managed hosting services to the following items:

About Grupo Zeta

Grupo Zeta is one of the largest publishing groups in Spain. Some of its leading publications are El Periódico, Sport, Interviú, Man and Woman.

The various services it provides include:

+digital is a technology blog of 'El Periodico de Catalunya' dedicated to news, reports and monographs on the digital world. This publication forms part of the range of publications (online and paper) of Grupo Zeta.

Grupo Zeta
Grupo Zeta