Apli Paper, S.A. (Apli), a leading company in the Spanish market for the manufacture of labels and stationery, has been meeting the needs of users in office, computer, home, business and school environments for 65 years and currently exports its goods to over 85 countries worldwide.

In 2000, Apli sought an ICT provider that would provide the overall management of its Internet and telecommunications services, in addition to those of the group to which it belongs (Caposa Investments, SA).

Initial requirements

In order to centralize and simplify comprehensive management of Internet-related services (email, domains, web hosting, etc.) and telecommunications (Internet connections, virtual private networks, routing equipment and their maintenance, etc.), Apli sought a provider who could offer such services with the following requirements:

  • Overall management: The Apli IT department has to focus its activity on the development of innovative in-house projects to enable them to expand the company and align technology solutions with its growth plans.
  • Flexibility: The provider must be able to propose alternatives that meet Apli's needs at any particular time or even proactively anticipate technological solutions to simplify the work of the Apli IT Department.
  • High availability: Having a website with worldwide presence, which undergoes constant modifications and extensions, and international communications via email or directly with its branches, requires high availability and an easily scalable platform.

Technology solution adopted

Apli required two technological aspects to be covered by Econocom Nexica with its solutions, which had to meet the three requirements above:


  • Hosting solutions: The initial solution of hosting the group's websites on a Econocom Nexica shared platform evolved into today having a fully managed dedicated hosting service (virtual server) of those websites, which benefits from other services available in the provider's infrastructure (backups, licensing, firewall, balancing, monitoring and management). External e-mail and the resolving of Internet domain names also take advantage of the Econocom Nexica managed infrastructure, which provides the levels of security and stability that Apli considers essential.
  • Managed services: Apli's needs have tended increasingly towards taking out Econocom Nexica global management services. Therefore, it has delegated the remote management of telecommunications equipment serving the virtual private network to other sites outside the head office in Barbera del Valles, which Econocom Nexica initially configured and deployed.


Econocom Nexica was chosen as the ICT provider who met the requirements requested by Apli, besides being able to evolve at the same pace as the company has required since 2000 to the present. Designing and implementing the solutions that Apli's business has needed to achieve its expansion and growth plans and proposing new alternatives to the circumstances the label manufacturer has faced over the years, has led to Econocom Nexica continuing as the ICT provider for this large group of companies.


"The number of utilities offered by the Apli website to end customers, and the location of them worldwide, requires us to have a dedicated web hosting platform, and one which is available at all times and whose management we can delegate". (Antonio García, Head of Systems for the group CAPOSA INVESTMENTS, SA - Apli, Sinel Systems, Agip, Alfacs DECAdry).


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