Econocom: One Digital Company

Econocom: One Digital Company

Econocom is Europe’s first digital general contractor (DGC).

The company works hand in hand with its clients to carry out their digital projects.

With its unique experience in the entire chain of digital business lines –services, equipment and financing– and its expertise in operational coordination of projects, Econocom is the long-term partner of firms that want to grow stronger in a world that is changing profoundly.




As a digital general contractor, we build solutions for you.

the four pillars of the one digital company:

"one goal"

Reaching your aims

"one chain"

Mastering the full chain of digital business lines.

"one team"

Our clients, our partners, our experts

"one spirit"

Our purpose: to boost your digital capacities

a unique combination of expertise


A one-stop-shop for sourcing turnkey digital products and solutions.


Services created and developed to ensure optimal performance for your digital projects..


Flexible, original solutions aligned with new digital usage.


our teams are mobilized by your side: