Danone: Nexica Case Study Video

Danone, Nexica, cloud

New video - business case of Danone in our YouTube channel. Thanks to Danone and VMware for make it possible. We are very happy and proud of its confidence.

Watch it in YouTube Nexica

Lluis Granell, Head of information System at Digital Marketing & Internet Business Southwest Europe at Danone: “Nexica gives Danone the flexibility and speed of an environment such as marketing, where resources are not flat, and on the other hand, associated with that flexibility in performance and capacity, there is the cost. It’s a cost that also allows us to streamline our business when the platforms don’t really have a great deal of activity.”

Granell, from Danone: “What really gives us that distinguishing factor are the cloud services that Nexica provides with VMware: the closeness of the team of engineers who know our needs and really give us the factor that sets us apart. I would recommend both VMware and Nexica services, especially to any company needing flexibility above all.”

Marc Granados, Sales and Marketing Director at Nexica: “Nexica is a fully customer-focused company, providing a true hybrid infrastructure: public cloud, private cloud, housing, hosting, etc. We add value to this infrastructure with managed services of the highest level of trust. We have teams of engineers who work collaboratively and flexibly to meet Danone's expectations. VMware is also synonymous with being at the forefront of virtualization software and for both Nexica and Danone, the data is genuinely safe, and that's the most important thing.”

Thanks to Danone and VMware to make this video possible