Cloud4HANA Econocom Nexica: SAP HANA in pay per use

Cloud4HANA Econocom Nexica: SAP HANA in pay per use

Our solution on cloud for SAP HANA is a service that offers 100% certified computing and storage solutions for the production of SAP HANA environments in a pay-per-use mode. Econocom Nexica supports Cloud4HANA services on a SAP certified TDI (Tailored Data Center Integration) solution for virtualized environments.

The performance improvement of SAP HANA over database solutions is substantial, going from response times of more than an hour to a few seconds.

The overhead introduced by the virtualization layer (VMWare) is negligible for applications like SAP HANA.


We use Veeam Backup. This tool allows you to configure policies and a personalized retention according to your needs.

Private cloud - hybrid cloud

You can deploy Cloud4HANA in your own private cloud, in your data center, turning it into a hybrid cloud if you configure replication against the Econocom Nexica CPD.