Marc Granados is interviewed by Byte magazine

Marc Granados is interviewed by Byte magazine

Our Sales & Marketing Director, Marc Granados, is interviewed by Byte magazine this June 2019. He talks about the great projection of Econocloud, of Econocom Group, cloud services and much more.

Granados says "we are confident that we can continue growing". 

"Indeed, there are many companies that offer technological services and specifically infrastructure, but there are not so many that can offer, in a single data center, all the variety of infrastructures that Nexica offers: I refer to real hybrid infrastructures, started by a cloud of payment per minute, going through private cloud and of course hosting, housing, hyperclouds and, finally, infrastructure at the client's home."

"It is always good to have competition because it is the only way to innovate and innovate constantly, so it is a permanent challenge. At this moment, for a cloud consumer company, the first thing you need to know is which suppliers can comply with the three basic principles: elasticity (only pay for what is consumed), closeness (having national interlocutors) and security (complying with the guarantees for protect the data and critical applications)."

The interview is in Spanish in this link:

You can also link to all the magazine, read pages 72-73