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Cloud Manager panel control lets you to manage your entire infrastructure of cloud computing

Email Services

Access to your corporate e-mail securely and guaranteed:

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Access your data from any device, always under your control.

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24/7 technical Support
24/7 Monitoring and Support
You cannot afford to spend 24 hours a day checking that your applications are running properly. We can.
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Your platforms are continuously monitored

Our services start with 24/7 basic level 1 monitoring (included in all projects), which ensures the visibility of your pages and an immediate response in case of incidents, and progress up to advanced monitoring services that proactively prevent potential incidents and ensure optimum end-to-end performance of your applications in any scenario.

You will also always have a technician on hand to deal with queries or issues.

  • Onsite specialized staff 24/7, providing specific and immediate solutions at all levels.
  • Different activity levels: 24/7 monitoring (included in all projects), web application monitoring, stress testing & 24/7 support.
  • Management and monitoring of applications hosted on external platforms.
  • Management and administration of the hardware environment, equipment replacement, technical verification of performance and remote hand service.
  • Service management and administration, checking of requests, transactions, cache hits, etc. and monitoring of the system's current load and growth trend in order to plan for the platform's orderly and reasonable growth.
  • Management of service quality level, monitoring of compliance with SLA agreements.
  • Periodic reports with information on availability and performance and details of all tasks and incidents dealt with in order to pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Immediate resolution of incidents. Notification of critical issues via email and SMS to a designated person.

 monitorización y Soporte 24x7