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cloud computing
Nexica Private Cloud
Flexibility, proximity, elasticity, pay-per-use, high performance, security and managed service

Optimizing of resources with total elasticity

cloud serverBecause every business has different management and service needs, Nexica has developed Nexica Private Cloud, our elastic high-performance private cloud computing solution that adapts to suit the level of management you need.

private cloud   Assisted Private Cloud

Self-manage your cloud and pay only for the resources you consume

· Assisted | on demand

Access to resources on demand

· Assisted | pool

Resources reserved for your exclusive use


nube privada   Managed Private Cloud

Your cloud managed by Nexica, with total elasticity

· Managed | on demand

Access to resources on demand

nube hibrida   Hybrid Cloud

Combination between a private cloud and Public cloud

nube hibrida   ¿Why Nexica Private & Hybrid Cloud?

Total flexibility in creating and managing cloud hosting platforms

With , you get the flexibility, elasticity, pay-per-use and high-performance of cloud computing together with the proximity, security and managed service that are characteristic of Nexica.

Discover the benefits of Nexica Private Cloud!

Assisted Private Cloud
All the flexibility of the cloud in your hands
Managed Private Cloud
Your hosting infrastructure, always at an optimum level
Nexica Hybrid Cloud
Combination of Private and Public Cloud
Why Nexica Private Cloud?
Total flexibility in platforms' creation and management