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acceleration of your critical applications in encryption and SSL acceleration
Load balancer
We accelerate your applications with load balancing, SSL encryption, caching, and traffic management
Balanceador de carga Zeus Load balancing
Acceleration of applications Acceleration
Traffic Script Traffic Script

We accelerate your applications and websites

Balanceador de carga ZeusYour users do not want to waste their time, so our devices allow for load balancing and traffic management, the acceleration of your critical applications in encryption and SSL acceleration. The TrafficScript functionality allows you to simultaneously improve traffic management, network security and optimize your platform, providing centralized control and ensuring rapid interaction between your platform servers.

  • Layer-7 load balancing and acceleration (application layer).
  • Caching, content compression and encryption.
  • Management of traffic, bandwidth and service.
  • TrafficScript programming language to process traffic and control its management.


Faster More reliable More secure Easy to use
  • SSL, XML, TCP offload
  • Content compression
  • HTTP cache.
  • HTTP multiplexing
  • Layer-7 load balancing.
  • Error capture.
  • Persistence.
  • Response modification.
  • Server isolation.
  • Traffic filtering and selection.
  • Protection against denial of service and application.
  • Rule builder policy.
  • TrafficScript standards.
  • Java extensions.
  • Reports.
More cost-effective
  • Increases server capacity by over 300%.
  • Reduces infrastructure and bandwidth costs by up to 60%.
  • Ensures application productivity.

Our balancers (developed by Zeus), with their advanced HTTP protocol control, TrafficCluster scalability, deep content inspection, intelligent web service routing and end-to-end traffic security, translate the business logic to traffic control decisions, differentiating between services, automating complex recovery tasks and providing better control information.

Balanceador de carga Zeus
Load balancing
Acceleration of applications
Traffic Script
Traffic Script

Load balancing and traffic management

Our Zeus load balancer always delivers traffic to the most convenient network device or application in the most appropriate way. This substantially cuts down the time elapsed between acceptance of a request and delivery of the response.

Main benefits

-    Acts as an "orchestrator" in cloud computing (determines the degree of saturation of the various components).
-    Ensures that all requests will be handled correctly (albeit with sorry pages).
-    Can act as a firewall.


-    Provides application layer traffic management for all applications.
-    Choice of balancing parameters and algorithms at pool level.
-    Load-balancing algorithms in cache.
-    Gradual introductions of new nodes.
-    Gradual closure of connections to avoid pool disruption.

Load balancing and traffic management

The technology applied can accelerate applications simply by being used as a traffic gateway. This, combined with various data mining features, will significantly enhance the performance, capacity and ROI of your applications.

  • The most common accesses are stored on local copies, which cuts down transit time and reduces the band used.
  • Improved control over cached web server pages.
  • Automatic cache of page changes for compression/decompression of contents, etc.
  • Differentiated pages cache for the separation of public and private content, client accesses, etc.

Traffic script

TrafficScript can be used to change the rules to suit you, giving you full control. The most powerful and intuitive traffic manager available to date, TrafficScript allows you to read incoming client requests and respond to any protocol with unlimited content. You can make decisions based on your specific business needs, rewriting the data you need to and directing traffic to the most appropriate point.

It can therefore be used to segment user types by geographic origin (e.g. traffic from Spain) in order to dedicate more resources to that user and allow them to browse more quickly than traffic from other parts of the world where you may not provide a service.