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Corporate Email provider
Corporate Email
Mail with high availability and maximum performance to encourage and facilitate group work
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Guaranteed business communications

We know how important email is for your business. That's why Nexica offers NexicaMail, our advanced corporate email services that guarantee the full availability of your emails and resources, including outside the office.

One of the features of NexicaMail is the possibility of syncing it with mobile devices and between Outlook and Nexica Webmail (with the Outlook Sync plugin).

NexicaMail Platform
  • Solutions based on clusters of high availability servers: antivirus, anti-spam, mail reception, mail sending, mailbox server (SAN), Webmail, etc.

  • Total transfer volume of over 600 GB/month.

  • Spam management with control of whitelists, blacklists and based on domain content.

  • Reception capacity of over 300,000 emails/day.

  • Global storage space with very high capacity mailboxes.NexicaMail permite la sincronización con una amplia variedad de dispositivos móviles mediante el uso de Funambol, cliente para la sincronización móvil de libre disposición que opera a través de datos SyncML estándar (en el caso de aquellos dispositivos que no soporten SyncML de forma nativa).

Remote email access

NexicaMail can be synced with a wide range of mobile devices using Funambol, the freely distributable mobile sync client that operates using SyncML standard data (for devices that do not support SyncML natively).

The mail service is also accessible from any web browser through Nexica Webmail, an application boasting group-work features and a robust interface with a professional design.



Download the user manual WebMail Email Access (Spanish PDF) correo POP
Corporate mail

Based on the specific policies of individual clients.

Detalls tècnics


Threshold of monthly transfer

no limit



Delegate control panel (Access Manager)

Filtering AV

Filtering AntiSpam

Monthly changes in the configuration of filtering AV/ES



SSL webmail access

Search for emails

Management and contact management

Folder Management

Compatibility email clients: MS Outlook/Mozilla/Thunderbird/etc. (update)

LDAP synchronization

Collaborative tools



Administration panel

User administration (high/low/permits/modifications)

Usage statistics (separate URL)

management multidomain

Managing Distribution Lists

Password changes

Redirects, alias, autoresponder, ...


Platform managed, balanced, redundant and BackUp

99.99% high availability platform

Via email and phone support 24x7