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Applications Management
Applications Management
Delegate the management of your infrastructure to the level that best suits your needs
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Benefits of Applications Management Benefits
assisted Applications Management Assisted
Managed Applications Management Managed
Management Level Management Level

Management of applications bringing value-added

We at Nexica understand that every client needs a different level of infrastructure and platform management. That's why we offer a wide range of possibilities for server management based on ITIL methodology. The different levels of scope, coverage and responsibility we adopt to manage your servers and the Nexica infrastructures that support this take the form of a series of packages of a management service we provide.

With Nexica, you can delegate more or fewer management responsibilities to us based on the different service packages, from self-management of your servers to total platform management (PaaS). At every management level, you will always have a 24/7 support team on hand producing value-added for your platforms.


Applications Management servers

Assisted Managed

For clients that want to manage their platforms themselves, we offer different protocols of action (remote hands, proactive or reactive routine execution, best effort support), always with on-hand support where you won't have to wait or go through filters before you receive assistance from a technician with a good knowledge of your platform.

For clients that want to delegate all their management functions, we offer our most complete platform management (PaaS) service, which guarantees realistic service levels tailored to the needs of your business.

At this top level of service management, Nexica provides the client with a Service Manager, who acts as the sole contact with the client, establishing a close relationship with the business and gaining an in-depth understanding of its specific needs.


Benefits of Applications Management
assisted Applications Management
Managed Applications Management
Management Level
Management Level


Service level management encompasses both the control/supervision of the quality of the service overall (beyond servers and components) and the continuous improvement actions and strategies adopted for the growth of the service throughout its lifecycle.

  • Clients can delegate the management of the infrastructure and basic platforms in order to concentrate their resources on the development of specific applications and content for their business.
  • Nexica has extensive experience in infrastructure management and platforms for the hosting of mission-critical applications with 24/7 coverage.
  • Nexica has skilled professionals on its staff with certification in development platforms (LAMP, J2EE, .NET), databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle) and enterprise applications (Exchange).
  • Four management levels to adapt to the needs of each client without incurring additional costs.



This service is designed for clients with a strong technical profile (developers, integrators, SaaS service providers, etc.) that wish to maintain control (administrator permissions) over their servers and networks (up to middleware), to be able to install applications, change operating system settings, create or remove servers or networks, etc.

For ease of management, clients are given access to a Query Panel, which includes access to the inventory of the components of their platform and access to the monitoring of their servers (basic monitoring of availability and capacity).

They are also able to access an Administration Panel (vCloud Director) where they can create, modify and remove platform components (servers, firewall rules, templates, etc.) as detailed in "Management Levels".

Nexica manages the lower layers (hardware, IDC infrastructure and common services). There are three protocols of action for assisting clients with incidents or in the event that changes are requested:

Remote hands

With the remote hands protocol, a Nexica technician will connect to your server following your instructions and inform you of the responses displayed on screen.

Our technicians remotely execute your instructions, so the responsibility lies with you.

Running predefined routines

When predefined routines are run, you can agree with us which tasks (routines) are to be carried out (documented and low-risk operations) and in which cases (alarms, periodic execution).

It is similar to the remote hands protocol (in that our technicians follow clear instructions with predictable results), but can be triggered by certain events (alarms) or run periodically.


Best Effort

"Best effort" support gives you a team of engineers to:

  • Support the diagnosis of an incident.
  • Propose and help implement solutions to restore service in the event of an incident.
  • Assess the convenience and risk of any changes that you propose on the server configuration.

Tasks performed under the best effort protocol offer no guarantees as to the end results (the resolution of the incident cannot be guaranteed nor can the consequences of the changes assessed or implemented).


This service is intended for clients seeking to delegate their entire management to NEXICA (up to middleware) and to develop solutions on them.

Nexica takes care of incidents and change management, for which it has (exclusive) administration permissions for the managed servers.

There are different levels of management:

Professional Managed

Clients may request changes to the operating system configuration and NEXICA assumes the responsibility for assessing the risks of these changes and reporting them clearly to the client. No changes will be implemented that compromise NEXICA's ability to manage these servers (such as assigning administrator permissions to third parties or allowing unsecure configurations).

Premium Managed

Includes the management of standard applications from the list of supported applications. It also includes a more tailored management of the service with regular reports and analysis by our technical team. It does not include the figure of the Service Manager.

Enterprise Managed

Includes standard applications management and monitoring of client applications (transaction monitoring). It also includes the figure of the Service Manager as a single point of contact responsible for all of the client's managed services, capable of acting with a global vision and proactively adding value.

Management Level

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